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Conference hall

Organizing and Directing Events

Managing and directing events using the latest technologies, through a specialized team that includes a Director, Stage manager, Content Manager and Sound and lighting specialists. In addition, we offer video calling and hybrid event services.


Interpretation and Translation

A service in which we provide our clients with integrated simultaneous translation solutions that include equipment with the latest systems (BOCSH), translators, and also high-accuracy written translation into more than 28 languages.

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Events Photography 

Filming, documenting and directing events by specialized technicians and using the latest video and photography cameras

Event and conferences directing and video documentation

Live Stream

We provide live broadcast service over the Internet and social media in several languages ​​and with high accuracy, using the latest advanced devices and high and stable communication technologies.

Live broadcasting for conferences and events

Podcast Video Production

We provide podcast episode production services at all stages that precede the recording, recording and mixing process

Podcast for conferences and events


We provide voiceover service in several languages ​​in cooperation with the best voiceover commentators on the scene.


Screen Management

Managing and directing display screen content using the latest and best  software in the event industry.

Workshop for employees

Workshop Management

Managing and organizing workshops in various fields and creating suitable conditions for brainstorming workshops to come up with ideas and solutions

Autocue and teleprompter for conferences and events


We provide our clients with teleprompters that allow the speaker to read texts through the screen and communicate visually with the audience

Social media content for conferences and events

Content Creation

Writing creative and marketing content for events and social media platforms, news and

press reports.

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Audio Systems

Providing advanced audio systems (BOCSH) for sessions, seminars and workshops for more than 100 speakers

Online voting system in conferences and events

Voting Systems

A service in which we provide voting systems for members of councils, voters, and general assemblies, allowing participants to vote on a decision or event via the Internet or in person.


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